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At Drone Scan Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive topographic mapping, GIS mapping, cut and fill and inspection solutions that save time and help your business thrive. Across diverse industries, such as agriculture, construction, and the commercial sector, our drones can quickly gather data to create detailed 3D maps and models. Our expertise in drone mapping and inspection can help take your business to the next level.

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About Us

Drone Scan Solutions is a leading Canadian Drone Service company, located in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a team of highly skilled pilots, engineers, and data analysts, all of whom are trained and certified by Transport Canada. Equipped with cutting-edge UAV technology, we offer unparalleled data collection services that cater to a wide range of industries.

Through our state-of-the-art drone mapping and inspection services, we empower you to swiftly identify and resolve issues, bolster safety measures, and optimize both time and cost efficiencies.

LiDAR, Drone Scan Solutions, Agriculture drone mapping fields for precision crop monitoring, Agricultural drone capturing high-resolution images for crop analysis, Drone capturing images of crops for precise monitoring and yield analysis, Agriculture drone collecting data for crop health assessment and early detection of issues, Drone mapping agricultural fields for accurate soil analysis and fertility mapping, Agricultural drone capturing multispectral data for crop stress detection, Agriculture drone identifying pest infestations in crops for targeted treatment,


Utilize aerial drones to provide detailed aerial images that allow us to monitor crop health, detect pests and diseases and much more. Helping to increase the efficiency and yield of agricultural operations.

Drone Scan Solutions, Aerial image showing drone-assisted earthwork and grading operations at construction site, Construction drone aiding in precise grading and leveling of construction site, Construction drone performing detailed inspections for safety and compliance, Aerial view of construction site with drone used for quality inspections, Construction drone providing visual updates on project progress and site changes, Drone-generated 3D model of construction site for visualizing project progress, Drone capturing images for monitoring construction project timeline and milestones, Drone conducting surveying and mapping for construction project planning, Construction drone capturing aerial images for accurate site mapping


Detailed aerial images allow our drones to create accurate point clouds and 3D models that can be used to track progress, better manage resources, and ensure safety.

Drone Scan Solutions ,Commercial drone mapping software interface for efficient data processing, Drone conducting commercial mapping for accurate topographic mapping, Commercial drone equipped with LiDAR sensor for precise 3D mapping, Aerial view of commercial drone capturing images for precise mapping services


Utilize our commercial drone solutions, including orthomosaic mapping, to enhance investor and stakeholder relations by visualizing company assets effortlessly and effectively.



Provides high-resolution mapping, real-time site oversight, accurate volume calculations, optimized excavation cut and fill, and efficient stockpile management for earthworks projects.

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